Chase Fontenot

Insurance Agent

Chase Fontenot was born and raised in South East Texas in a small town just east of Beaumont. He started his insurance career at the beginning of 2016 at an Allstate agency as a Marketing Specialist, and shortly after became licensed in Property & Casualty Insurance. Chase is also Life & Health insurance licensed as well. In 2017, Chase moved to Katy, Texas where he currently resides. Chase came on board with Gibraltar Insurance services in July of 2018 deciding that an Independent Agency would provide his clients the reliable and competitive markets that they deserve. Coming from a coastal area, where he was raised, he became very keen with not only Home and Auto insurance, but Windstorm and Flood insurance as well. He is not only focused and driven, but also prefers to build a long-lasting business relationship with each client while covering the items they hold nearest and dearest to their heart adequately, rather than a transaction. He has worked with hundreds of clients in his short time in insurance, and enjoys every moment of being their trusted adviser. In his spare time Chase likes to golf, and spend time with his fiancé, and their dogs.

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Heartful in finding the right policy for every client I have had or placed with him

Heartful in finding the right policy for every client I have had or placed with him. What is impressive, is he keeps up with national insurance news and updates and has accurate reports that build your confidence in his product which far exceeds any other Texas coverage you could have. You cannot go wrong getting insurance from Chase Fontenot with Gibraltar Insurance and I’m so proud he delivers what he does on time to every new family I serve moving to Houston.

Chas A.