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Brandi Bullock

Sales Assistant to Jay Morrow
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I started my insurance journey in May of 2017, as a receptionist for Gibraltar insurance. Since that time I have progressed through the company, learning all that I could to better be of service to the Gibraltar family. Before my time with the company, I have worked in a variety of fields ranging from an emergency vet clinic to a decorated Texas school district. Due to of my love of learning and drive to help, I was  constantly pulled to new and exciting challenges. However, I truly found my home with Gibraltar Insurance. They have provided me with chances to continue to learn a field I love, while helping clients with my expanding knowledge. I became a state licensed insurance agent in April of 2020. I am now part of a record setting sales team headed by Jay Morrow and supported by Miguel Galan and myself. When I am notworking, I enjoy my “hobby“ of learning and application of home building and home restoration methods.  

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