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$1 Billion+ insured in the past 5 years

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1 day or less average turnaround times on title commitments


5 counties served in the greater Houston area

Local experts perform the work on your title policy.

None of our research or determinations are outsourced.  We believe in providing a superior product to our clients, and we know that requires local expertise.

What is title insurance?

Title insurance protects property owners and lenders from claims made against real property.  It insures that property is transferred from one party to the next without any pending liens or encumbrances.

Why do i need it?

Owner’s title insurance provides protection to a homeowner should another party sue with a claim against the home from the period of time preceding the property's purchase.  Additionally, most lenders require you to purchase a lender's title insurance policy, which protects the amount they lend.


Home Sales Price / Loan Amount
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Basic Premium
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For a purchase transaction, all that is needed to provide a title fee estimate would be the sales price and whether loans are involved.  The cost of a mortgagee title policy (which lenders expect when making a loan) is $100 per policy/loan if purchased at the same time as an owner's title policy.

New Loan Amount
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Your Credit Amount
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Your Credit Amount
Your Title Estimate
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Your Title Estimate

Refinance transactions are a bit more complicated to calculate because discounts apply when another title policy had been purchased within a certain number of years.

Refinance discounts from date of loan:
Up to 2 years - 40%
2-3 YEARS - 35%
4-5 YEARS - 30%
5-6 YEARS - 20%
6-7 YEARS - 15%
over 7 years no discount.

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"I think Gibraltar Title is awesome.

"I think [Gibraltar Title is] awesome, the quick title report turn time for agents has been extremely helpful. They always make it happen!"

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