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TDI Rates and Rule Changes

The Texas Department of Insurance today approved TLTA's petition via the adoption of an order that revises the basic premium rate and amends our industry's rate rules.

The changes enacted by this order will be effective September 1, 2019.

The changes scheduled for implementation Sept. 1 are outlined in the following exhibits attached to the order:

  • Exhibit A - Basic Premium Rates
  • Exhibit B - (R-5) Simultaneous Issuance of Owner’s and Loan Policies
  • Exhibit C - (R-8) Loan Policy on a Loan to Take Up, Renew, Extend, or Satisfy an Existing Lien(s)
  • Exhibit D - (R-20) Owner’s Policy After Construction Period

The order adopted today is the culmination of a year-long review of our basic premium rate. TLTA volunteers and staff, working in concert with our industry's legal team and actuaries, were deeply involved in the public discussions and negotiations that led to today's order.

Your team at TLTA is reviewing TDI's adopted order, and we will provide our analysis to you after that review is complete. Additionally, an educational program detailing the changes enacted by TDI's order will be available before the implementation date.

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