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Wind Driven Rain

Wind Driven Rain. Are you prepared?

Wind Driven rain is caused by rain that is pushed into a home due to high winds. This damage can occur with any windstorm and not just hurricanes and tornadoes. Things like prior roof damage or policy limitations can prevent your claim from being paid if you sustain damage from wind driven rain. Not all policies cover wind driven rain damage so let us help you review yours to protect your home and family.

What is wind driven rain?

Wind-driven rain damage, regardless of the cause, can be a covered peril like wind or lightning, which may have caused an opening in which rain has entered and caused water damage to the home or personal property.

How is it different from Flood Damage?

Unlike a flood which is a rapid accumulation of water, wind-driven rain may cause water to be pushed into your home underneath a sliding glass door or through a crack in a window.

How do I know if I have this coverage?

Let our team help you feel protected by reviewing your coverage with an agent.

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